Field Trips

Now offering field trip programs covering outcomes from the Alberta Curriculum. Our programming is led by teachers and involves experiential nature based activities.  Field Trips take place exclusively in our outdoor classroom regardless of weather. Rain-out dates can be booked as backups. 

Current Field Trips Offered

Grade level: K- Gr. 1

Languages: French or English

Program length: 2 hrs

Location: St. Albert Nature School (215 Sturgeon Road)

Fees: $4.50/student (maximum of 50 students/ session – minimum of 15 students/session)

Availability: September-November, April-June (if interested in a winter field trip please send us an email and alternate dates may be provided).

Contact: to book your spot today.

Curriculum Connections: Needs of Plants and Animals

  • Observe, describe and compare living things
  • Classify some common local plants and animals into groups on the basis of visible characteristics
  • Identify the requirements of plants to maintain life
  • Identify the requirements of animals to maintain life
  • Give examples of ways in which animals depend on plants and ways in which plants depend on animals