Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.  – William Wordsworth

Watch as a child sits patiently waiting for an earth worm to make its way across the sidewalk. Observe them run outside to embrace the first snowfall.  Witness as a pile of sticks and rocks becomes a sword, a letter, a house or a playground when placed in the hands of a child? These moments did not take place inside the 4 walls of a typical classroom setting; yet, there is educational value in those moments.

The opportunities presented in outdoor learning are endless; yet, fewer and fewer students are accessing them as screen time and in-school/ after-school activities increase. Research shows that time spent in Nature is beneficial to mental and physical well-being (1.2.3.)

At St. Albert Nature School, we believe that learning is most engaging and memorable when it takes place outside. We offer programming  in our out outdoor classrooms facilitated by our expert teachers.

If you see value in having children reconnect to nature; use these experiences to develop numeracy, science, social and literacy skills;  while fostering a sense of community and connectedness to all living things, then our nature classroom is for you.

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