We Need Your Help!

Last Spring I gave up my teaching contract with the schools, so that Nicole and I could build St. Albert Nature School. We BELIEVE in this style of learning for your child. We know that you do too.

Currently, we are working with the City of St. Albert and the Province of Alberta to get development permits and licensing in place.  As a part of this process, we need to show that there is support and need for this type of school in the community of St. Albert.

Please take a few minutes to compose an email showing your support for an experiential and nature based approach to education for your child. We, at St. Albert Nature School ,will use it as evidence in our application forms that our community is missing this type of experience and there is a strong desire and support base for our children to have access to it.

Together, we can change our approach to how children learn their ABCs.  Not all classrooms have 4 walls…

Please send all emails to stalbertnatureschool@gmail.com

Thank you!

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