It’s Really Going to Happen!

When Nicole and I first decided to create St. Albert Nature School, we were two former teachers with a vision and a drive. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Navigating site selection and approvals, getting lost in government paperwork and explaining to everyone why this program is SO important was at times exhausting.  Yet, here we are!  In a few short weeks, our preschool program will be kicking off with a parent information session (January 28) and registration (January 30).  It is really going to happen!

We hope that the community of St. Albert comes out to hear us share our vision and to catch the movement. There is space for 20, 4 year olds in our class. The paperwork is falling into place, our outdoor classroom is starting to take shape and Nicole and I are anxious to start teaching again in a program we are so passionate about.  Deep breath in… let’s do this!

One thought on “It’s Really Going to Happen!

  1. Hi Lori and Nicole. It was nice to meet you both today. Your nature focus is a great idea and I am sure St Albert will respond favourably . I wish success in your new venture!


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