We are so excited from all the positive community feedback and excitement that is building for our program.  We are now up to 12 registrations for all 3 sessions!!!   Our intention is to accept 3 more registrations  for all three sessions and cap our class size at 15.  In January, we are going to open up a few more spots for those that have just turned 4.

So stay tuned…we will keep you updated on our plans. Make sure you are on our email list by clicking here . We are playing with the idea of offering some pop-up classes in the spring for our little 3 years old (or newly 4 year olds). It will be an opportunity to try out the program before signing on for 2018 , so let us know if you are interested via an email.


“No child has ever been or ever will be passionate about a worksheet”.
– Evergreen Schools


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